SGS is committed to providing a safe environment for both our staff and our patients. The pandemic has rapidly changed how we live our daily lives and has had an enormous impact on the provision of essential services, including medical services. It is vital that if you are unwell, you can be appropriately assessed and treated although there have been some significant changes to how we practise.

SGS has taken a number of precautions to reduce the chance of transmission of COVID-19 for our patients or staff while they visit the practice. If you are unwell or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, you must not attend. The number of patients in the clinic will be restricted to ensure that appropriate physical distancing is being adhered to. We may request that you wait for your appointment in your car. Magazines will not be available to read. Prior to entering our rooms, you will need to sanitise your hands. The hard surfaces in the reception area, waiting area and consulting rooms are cleaned frequently and pens will be cleaned after use.

SGS have implemented phone consultations where your specialist will call your home or mobile number around the time of your booked appointment. The consultation will take the usual amount of time. Please ensure that you are in a quiet room without distractions. If you would like a support person with you, we suggest you use your phone on loud speaker. Any referral or test results should be forwarded to the office either by email, fax or post, prior to your appointment. We are also starting to offer face-to-face consultations again. Prior to your appointment, you will be contacted to discuss if you plan to come in or would prefer a phone consultation.

During this period, for phone consultations we will be charging the lower pensioner rate and pensioners will be bulk billed. The usual Medicare rebate is still applicable for phone consultations. See more.

There are strict regulations controlling the number of patients that hospitals can offer semi-elective or elective surgical and endoscopic procedures to. The regulations are changing frequently but hospitals are not yet at full capacity and there is a back-log of postponed procedures. We are working with each of our affiliated public and private hospitals to ensure that the most urgent patients have their procedures in a timely manner however waiting times may be longer than usual. If you are concerned that your symptoms have deteriorated or you feel your wait is excessive, please be in contact. For patients who require routine procedures, these are currently being deferred until the restrictions ease however you are welcome to contact us, complete your booking paperwork and once theatre lists return to normal capacity, you will be given a date to proceed.