Fees for Consultations

SGS is a private practice and the fees are listed below. We charge fees well below the Australian Medical Association (AMA) recommendations not because our care is cheap, but because we want to maximise the number of people who can access excellent, private gastrointestinal healthcare. If you have a valid referral, you can claim part of the fee back from Medicare, which will reduce the overall cost you pay for your consultation.

New consultations
Consultation fee $235
Pensioner fee $165
Medicare rebate $132.30

Follow-up consultations
Consultation fee $125
Pensioner fee $95
Medicare rebate $66.50

New complex consultations (addressing multiple medical issues)
Consultation fee $340
Pensioner fee $265
Medicare rebate $231.25

Follow-up complex consultation
Consultation fee $175
Pensioner fee $145
Medicare rebate $115.85

If you suffer financial hardship, we are willing to discuss different options for the fees. Public hospital gastrointestinal clinics provide bulk billed appointments which can be arranged through your GP, however the waiting time for new patients to be seen in these clinics are often quite lengthy.

Fees for Phone Consultations during COVID-19 restrictions

During the COVID-19 restrictions, we will be charging the lower pensioner rate for phone consultations, and pensioners will be bulk billed. The same Medicare rebates are applicable for phone consultations.

Fees for Procedures

At SGS, private procedures are billed with “no gap”. That means, if your private health insurance covers the procedure, your gastroenterologist’s fees will be paid completely by your health fund and Medicare, and you will not be charged directly. There may however be an excess payment required by your health fund, depending on the level of cover you have chosen.

If you do not have insurance, you can pay for procedures to be done privately and prices vary depending on the hospital where the procedures are carried out. Further information is available from the practice office staff. Alternatively, we can usually arrange for procedures to be performed at one of our affiliated public hospitals where all costs will be covered by Medicare. Note that there is usually a longer waiting time to have procedures done in the public system.